My world of working with disabled students

I started to do volunteer  it has been a month now. It has been the greatest experience that I had! Working with disabled students has been one of my ultimate goals and finally by doing so, I feel I got the biggest  privilege to be able to start what I love to do most, Working with Disabled Students! and hopefully get to teach with them

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Firstly, I found the announcement in the Journal de Metro, and they  needed volunteers. I was wondering what it was and it intrigued m,e because I saw it was with children,  to help out students in difficulty. I called them and got an appointment to meet them the next week.

Journal de Metro by Emilief

L’ABQSJ: Association that is basically an association to help out students in difficulty.

L’ABQSJ is an association that exist since l’Institut de formation humaine intégrale de Montréal (IFHIM) that is a center of international offering a process of human integral formation according to the visualization of the human life forces. The institute is under the direction of Marie-Marcelle Desmarais, a social worker, psychotherapists, trainer and speaker. The process of integral human formation has been developed by Jeannine Guindon, Ph.D., and Marie-Marcelle Desmarais, MSW, interacting with a team of professionals. The training offered by the IFHIM has its roots in the scientific discipline of psycho conceptualized by Dr. Guindon.

Training and volunteer work is carried out jointly. Trained volunteers support the new volunteers in contacts and selection VOLUNTEERING throughout the years of training.

Training and volunteering allow volunteers to obtain attest recognized volunteer experiences (PREB) and Continuing Education Units (CEU) for this training recognized by the SOFEDUC.

The association provides professional development meetings and workshops resources to meet the needs of volunteers and members of the association who continue their commitment to youth. These formations can continue and improve learning and can continue throughout the volunteer involvement of the person.

Testimony from Two resource voluntary

“I do my volunteer work at the Little Children’s House Sun in the
South Central for 15 years. How wonderful for helping to make children happier


Sandra Murphy- Photo from the ABQSJ

“I do my volunteering in the street with young homeless for 10 years. It gives me great hope for young people”


First day at the BQ: Association des bénévoles qualifiés aux service des jeunes

The first day I went to the association , it was really interesting and  engaging. I saw some people who was there and started to speak to him what this association was about exactly.  I started to speak with the different volunteers there and they mentioned that we needed to pick one of the institutions of the list.

The first picture, is the association that I go to each Tuesday morning for different lectures and give our experience of the volunteering institution that we go. They said that the meeting will be each Tuesday.

The next Tuesday that I went in, we learned all kind of things, such as, how to work with disabled kids, w e learn different experiences that the volunteers had done in the past and what we could learn from their experience.

Before hand, I mentioned that I needed to pick an institution for the volunteering. I had picked one that was called Institut  Pacifique. I went there and I liked it, but I wanted to see the other institution that I had picked. When I went to the other institution PROMIS: École du Samedi, I feel in love with it. My final decision fell on PROMIS: École du Samedi. It had nothing to do with the location, thus it was the fact that it had more warmth and more engaging to be at PROMIS  then the institution Pacifique.

Since 1998, the Saturday School project of the PROMIS organization is working with local schools  to promote student achievement and integration of immigrant families.
The Saturday School project mobilizes students and their families, teachers from partner schools, a team of trained education and over one hundred stakeholder volunteers from the Montreal community.
Services offered:

  1.  Tutoring individual to 6-12 years
  2. Emergent reading and writing (3 to 5 years), workshops developement parental school support
    Craft workshops with domestic materials recycling. 

The tutoring allows students to have positive experiences in learning and thus to develop self-esteem. In addition to providing support personalise, our approach to tutoring encourages the autonomy of the student.
With the help of volunteer students work on its main difficulties in french and in mathematics. Thus, students are better equipped to make his lessons and homework in the evenings at home.

Twin-high voluntary

  1. Following a match judicious voluntary-high, the developer team a relationship of trust that will advance the qualities ey the strengths of each.
  2. An environment that promotes learning.
  3. Volunteers and students receive a library where every book and game is educational, challenging and fun. creativity and talents of volunteers are also welcome.

First day: PROMIS: École du Samedi

Located on Saint Catherine and Decelles. Basically, the next picture that you see in the slide show is the art works that the previous student had done. I was impressed of how beautiful and creative it was. When you go down the stairs you will see the sign: Secteur d’Éducation PROMIS where this room is were all the activities are.

Then as you walk by to your left and go straight there is a big room, where at Christmas and at the end of the year the students do a show. Their parents come with them, and we get to meet them and that is one aspect that made me engaged, because all the hard work you put in at the end it is priceless.WhenI entered the room I saw the art works that student had done and it was just adorable how they get involved into such activity.

Google Maps

As you get out of the “Theater Room”, you go to your right and it is the office of Aida Berberovic, she is the responsible of the PROMIS project and she has done a marvelous job in her office by engaging the students to get in and to see her. We could find all sorts of things as you could see in the slide show.

There are board games, a library with books, different types of other games and art craft section as you see in the slide show . I want to precise that the books have categories, meaning that if you have a student that has difficulty in reading, you pick the yellow sticker one’s because they are beginner books.

Now moving on to the hallway where all the activities are done. I choose the room 108 and we picked one of the games with my student and he had a blast. At the end, we have a journal to fill out.

The first page is where the teacher fills it out, by that we could know (us volunteers) on what we should work on example: on the reading. And then the next page, we see the section were we fill, there is the date of each Saturday and by that the students writes his or hers experience and our comments and Aida reads it at the end.

Knowing that I could be there for a student that has difficulties and knowing that I could help them ( students) out in their difficulty, that makes me happy and I just can not explain in words how it feels. I just have the privilege of working with the student and knowing that they are having fun and not getting bored makes it more forthwith.

One of the goals that I want to achieve is to become a teacher and be able to work with disabled students. I always had the passion of helping out young students in education, in their life, etc.

How education has started to be an important factor in my life is that I have done tutoring in my high school years. I had the privilege to work with the students that had difficulty in English and it has been the greatest experience that I had.

In 2008, I did a stage at the Maison des Jeunes and the experience there was mind-blowing. We created a magazine with the teenage girls I was working with teenage girls that were there to do all kinds of activities. They were not disabled but wanting to learn more in life and of course participate in the magazine. As we were doing the magazine, we meet a lot of people. For example: Natalie Simard, Micheal Jean (the governor-general of Canada), some of the stars of the show Ramdam and others. It felt really rewarding when we finished the magazine because I never had the chance to experience and it is a great feeling to reach out to teens.

I brought you in my world of volunteering and I hope you enjoyed traveling in my world and experience on my Saturday mornings.

For more information for the volunteering places:  École du Samedi :

BQ: Les associés bénévoles qualifiés au service des jeunes:

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