How I Met Your Mother is hopped up on timbits

Every now and then How I Met Your Mother treats us to Canadian innuendos and more often than not, these insults are directed towards Robin Scherbatsky, former Canadian teen pop star extraordinaire known as Robin Sparkles.

The ridiculousness of the so called common Canadian behaviors behaviours are what make us Canuck viewers laugh.

While we were lead to believe that Robyn was the show’s only Canadian transplant, on last’s night episode we found out that Barney, the most patriotic American on the show, is in fact 1/4 Canadian with roots tracing back to Manitoba. This was one of the most Canadian filled episodes to date, making Barney the target of Robin’s relentless teasing.

From poutine shortages in Chicoutimi, Canadian whiskey, and replacing Barney’s American dollars with loonies and toonies last night’s episode was all sorts of classic.

Welcome to the tribe hoser.


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One Comment on “How I Met Your Mother is hopped up on timbits”

  1. November 3, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

    Love it !!! Isn’t it great that we can laugh at the silly exaggerations Americans have of us? But, we are awfully like that, aren’t we, eh?

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