Jesus Was an Occupier

Or at least he was sympathetic.

St Paul's cathedral London

Photo by: Jack Ratcliffe

Changing of the Guard

Yesterday afternoon Rev Graeme Knowles, the dean of St Paul’s cathedral resigned from his post.  Rev Knowles figure’s prominently both within the Anglican Church and the UK in general, as Queen Elizabeth II must now name his successor.

A Historic Closure

The London chapter of Occupy has made the historic Saint Paul’s cathedral their home since October 15th.  The Holy campsite was chosen after London police barricaded protestors’ access to the London Stock Exchange. Four days after the move, with heavy police presence, Saint Paul’s cathedral closed for the first time since World Ward II.  The decision to close the Church was made by Rev Knowles who cited unsanitary conditions developing outside the Cathedral.  Neither the Dean nor any Church official ever substantiated this claim, enraging protesters as well as the general public for taking such a drastic measure.

Tensions Mount

Tensions reached a boiling point on October 28th as Church officials debated taking legal steps to have protestors forcibly removed.  In a statement the Rev Canon Dr. Giles Frasier of Saint James cathedral said that such a move would constitute “violence in the name of the Church”. Rev Frasier resigned that same day.

Larger Questions Loom

The departure of Rev Frasier and the monumental closure of St James Cathedral (which has since re-opened) called the measures taken by Rev Knowles into question.  Though his true motivations for resigning his post will likely remain unclear, the embarrassed Knowles stands as a symbol of the Churches questionable stance on the union of God and Capitalism.


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