Marine Cpl Scott Olsen Allegedly Assaulted by Police in Oklahoma

Source: Occupy Oakland

Stand Down

Marine Corporal Scott Olsen was struck in the head on October 25th in Oakland California with what was believed to be a tear gas canister.  Olsen is an Iraq war veteran having been deployed twice to Anbar province as apart of the 3rd Battalion 4thMarine regiment. The video of the incident that was later posted to YouTube shows Olsen peacefully protesting.  Moments later tear gas can be seen surrounding his fallen body, with his face badly wounded. The Marine Corporal suffered a skull fracture during the attack and has been diagnosed with swelling of the brain. Currently he is in hospital with what looks to be damage to his speech center as he is unable to communicate verbally with his family and doctors. Police made 85 arrests that evening.

An Awakened Return

Olsen reportedly came home from his final tour in Iraq disillusioned and joined Veterans for Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War.  Soon after he joined the anti-labour protests in Wisconsin, protesting Governor Scott Walker’s plan to weaken the rights of labour unions. Olsen was heavily committed to the Occupy Oakland movement where he spent the past three weeks going back to his Oakland apartment only a handful of times to do his laundry.

Thousand Hold Vigil

On Thursday night a vigil was held in support of Olsen organized by Occupy Oakland.  The event was attended by 2,000 people. Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland was scheduled to attended, however she later cancelled her appearance. Mayor Quan later visited Frank Ogawa Plaza, the headquarters of Occupy Oakland, where she was booed while making a statement regarding the incident. Mayor Quan has been said to have visited Olsen in the hospital where she apologized for the incident and assured him of a proper investigation.

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