Disabled students- Statistic Canada

Dafna Kohen, Sharanjit Uppal, Anne Guevremont, and Fernando Cartwright

Canadian provinces have education policies that seek to ensure free and appropriate education for all students, including children who confront a variety of disabling conditions.

However, educational policies regarding the education of children with disabilities vary across provinces, as well as across school jurisdictions within provinces, and even across schools within jurisdictions.

Policy differences include differences in the criteria used to determine the services for which children are eligible, in the services provided to children with similar disabilities, and in the allocation of resources for providing these services.

In 2001, of the 155,000 Canadian children with disabilities, 38% were receiving special education services. Parents in Prince Edward Island (19%), Nova Scotia (24%), New Brunswick (22%), and Manitoba (30%) were less likely than the national average to report that their child received special education services.

No other province differed significantly from the national average. About one-third of all parents of children with disabilities reported experiencing difficulty accessing special education services (Chart 3). Parents in Ontario were most likely to report experiencing difficulties (35%).

Parents responding to the PALS were asked to offer one or more reasons why they were experiencing difficulties in accessing special education. In each province, an insufficient level of staffing or services was the most commonly reported reason for experiencing such difficulties.

Nationally, 75% of parents reported this reason; 47% reported difficulties related to obtaining an assessment; 44% reported that they had communication problems with their child’s school; and 39% indicated that they could not access special education services because these services were not available locally.

A variety of professionals assess children’s eligibility for special education.

What do you think should Canada do to help out disabled students across Canada? Can we decrease the amount of diabled students in Canada?

I think that with the beautiful governement that we have ( of course I am being sarcastic) it shows that they do not care at all and they are not reacting to the situation. I do not understand, the governement says that everyone needs education, perhaps they do not hear themselves when they say that or they are simply ignorant people

I find that the governement has no responsibility what so ever and I think that the situation is going to get worst. There is going to be the need of more specialized classes, more students that are going to have difficulties, but where is the governement going to stand who know?

Reference: http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/81-004-x/2007001/9631-eng.htm


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