Commuters staying off the road

Are Montreal motorists getting the hint?

After months of weekend road closures around the Turcot, motorists seem to understand that avoiding the infamous interchange is essential.

Over the past weeks, construction has blocked the access to many ramps that lead to and from the Ville Marie Expressway, the elevated highway that serves downtown Montreal.

It connects four major highways: the Ville Marie, highway 20, highway 15 from the Champlain bridge, and the Decarie Expressway.

This weekend, the ramp from highway 20 to the Ville Marie is closed. So is the ramp from the 15 to the Ville Marie. A tough go if you want to get town. And typically, lane reductions of that magnitude would wreak havoc on highways around town.

Yesterday, it didn’t.

Other than a five car accident on the Decarie southbound, there was very little volume on the roads. It seems that people are leaving their cars at home and jumping on public transit. The metro parking lots are often full, the commuter trains are being used more frequently, and people are just staying home.

There is still a lot of room for improvement with the Montreal public transit system. It would look much better like this:

Photo: (Photo author unknown)

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