Fix: The Ministry Movie Review


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Last week I journeyed to New York City for my annual week of musical revelations and complete debauchery at the CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival.  Normally I venture there to discover new bands I have never heard before, but this year I was super stoked to see two great films on the roster.

The first was Pearl Jam 20.  I was really excited to see what director Cameron Crowe, known for his love of music, might have created, however I was waylaid and unfortunately missed the NYC screening.

So there was no question I was going to miss the next film I was dying to see, Fix: The Ministry Movie. Ministry is one of my favourite bands and CMJ is not known for indulging those of us who love industrial music.  So needless to say Fix was as good as it was going to get.

Even the synopsis of the film on the CMJ website seemed like we were going to be led down the Ministry path…

FIX: The Ministry Movie shoves your ass way, way backstage with the scariest band EVER. “F@$k The Mainstream” might as well have been written by Al Jourgensen, founder of MINISTRY. Love him or hate him, Al changed all the rules. Al, and all the guys he played with, paid the price and took no prisoners along the way. But they MATTERED. No MINISTRY = No NIN, no Korn, no Jane’s Addiction. Don’t believe it? Hear it directly from Trent Reznor, Jonathan Davis, Dave Navarro and many more.

This was not the case at all. Instead, Fix was a documentary not about the band and what got them to where they are today, but more about the spiraling out of control heroin addicted frontman Al Jourgensen.

Christopher Madden of put it best when he said

By the halfway point the static camera has joined Al in the back of the tour bus as well as the backstage bathroom for some real deal, needle in the arm, intravenous heroin abuse. I shit you not. The entire second half of the film is a mishmash of Al shooting up dope and complaining to his security team that someone out there, an obsessive fan he says, is trying to kill him.

Photo by Chicago Reader

There is not much narration in this film and the cameo interviews by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, as well as Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction, to name a few, are only there to confirm how drugs of this nature cause the madness you see when Jourgensen is on stage.

At times throughout the film, there are some great shots of the band on stage, however that being said, they are so fleeting that they leave you aching for more.

Fix: The Ministry Movie: Not Worth Seeing

Worth Seeing or Not Rating: 5/10

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