Welcome to the wonderful world of Community’s Troy and Abed

Photo courtesy of NBC

Over time we’ve been introduced to some of television’s most lovable couples. Whether it’s Zach and Kelly, Ross and Rachel, or Marge and Homer, all these tube twosomes have one thing in common: we can’t help but love them!

And now, thanks to the creative genius of Community, the world has been introduced to what one could argue is the hottest television couple of all time – Troy and Abed.

Okay, so they might not be romantically involved but Troy and Abed have the ultimate bromance, one which has been brewing to perfection since the very first time the two met on their first day of classes at Greendale Community College.

Troy (played by Donald Glover) was his high school’s prom king and football star, but lost his college scholarship doing a keg flip and was forced to attend Greendale. As the show progresses, Troy begins to form more relationships with his classmates, most notably, Abed.

Community’s dynamic duo – Troy and Abed. Courtesy of temporalwormhole.com

Abed (played by Danny Pudi) on the other hand, is much more of an introvert. Never having very many friends, Abed lives his life through pop-culture, making reference to a television show or a movie almost every time he speaks.

The relationship between the two forms quickly, as they share a love for playing practical jokes on the other study group members.

Like most television couples, the pair are not without their own relationship woes. Life isn’t always a song and dance for Troy and Abed, like when the two fall for the school’s librarian. Abed is head over heels because he thinks she would know all the answers to all of life’s problems, where as Troy is interested because he wants to be a book that she could pick up, flip through he pages and make sure no body has drawn wieners in him. They both decide to take her to the school dance but when the librarian chooses Troy over Abed, Troy realizes that his friendship with Abed is more important than any librarian. [Insert fuzzy feeling here].

According to show creator, Dan Harmon, the characters were not written as the dynamic duo they’ve grown into. Originally, Troy and Pierce (played by Chevy Chase) were written as the sort of Beavis and Butt-Head of the group, but the off-camera interaction between Donald and Danny caught the attention of staff writers and voila! T+A were born!

Thus, in honour of the friendship that makes me jealous I’m not a fictional character as well, one of my favourite clips of Troy and Abed in action…


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