Violence in Disabled Children

George Zapo

We could notice that in education, there are a lot of broad problems. One of them that I will like to discuss is about is the violence in disabled kids. Perhaps, we wonder how it could affect in education. It’s a simple .

From an early age;children are exposed to violence at home, in their environments, and in their schools. Though the rate of violence in schools is declining and schools are relatively safe,violence still exists to the point where bullying, threats, and beatings causes trauma, not only for the victims, but also for those children who witness violent behavior[1].

When we get abused, we get scared of people, we judge people, especially when your abuser was an adult.

The research has taken a broad approach to targeted violence and hostility against disabled people. The terminology around under attack violence and hostility is unformulated, and terms such as and harassment are often used inter changeable.

Using the ‘targeted violence and hostility’ as a surrounding term to include incidents involving verbal, physical, sexual and emotional violence, harassment and abuse that is directed towards disabled people. I do not understand how on earth they do such a thing. Because they can not move properly people have the right to abuse them?

I do believe when I think about it for the moment, I just wish those people get some help or something. It makes me sick knowing that someone could hurt a kid, in such matter. What if we did not know that our own child goes to school, gets abused and not knowing it. It does not always show that you get abused. It it always important to speak with your child and knowing their friends, because when we are absent they turn to them. It is always hard to talk when you have been abused that is why we need to be

It is important to view the evidence base and risk and prevalence, as well as the experience of targeted violence. Knowing that schools are a target of violence to makes me wonder where can we send our children, because there is no safe place left…

Reference: [1]

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