A quick day in Québec City

There is nothing better then getting away from the rain and out of Montreal for the first time in my four month trip as an exchange student in Canada. Even though I have grown to love Montreal, it is time to start seeing the rest of what ‘The Great White North’ has to offer.

Destination 1: Québec City

Okay, I’m not traveling too far out of Montreal, not even out of the province; I’m taking small steps. After a three-hour bus trip from Montreal I arrived in Québec city and from the window of the bus it didn’t look too different to Montreal. It was cold, wet and cloudy.

Walking through the main streets, Québec city reminded me of an old European city with the cobble stone roads and old buildings. Probably the closest you can come to a European city without going to Europe. It’s very relaxing; I could spend hours walking through the magnificent parks and watching the animals. Call me a typical Aussie tourist but seeing squirrels still make me smile!

Photo sourced from 'Everything Everywhere'

It has still preserved its ramparts, together with the numerous bastions, gates and defensive works, which still surround Old Québec.

Photo by Christina Cavaleri

Parliament House was definitely my favourite building. It’s  breathtaking. The tall middle tower standing between the two outside  towers creates a picturesque setting, along with the symmetrical  staircases leading to the opening the Parliament House resembles an  ancient castle. If only Parliament House’s in Australia looked like this masterpiece.

Another highlight from my day trip to the QC would have to be the Montmorency falls and it’s just a 20 minute taxi ride from downtown. The falls have a suspension bridge giving visitors the opportunity to walk from one side to the other. There are cable cars that take you from the bottom of the falls to the top, however I recommed you skip this and hike to the top of the falls to really enjoy the natural beauty. There are some great view points and lovely picnic spots when walking up the wooden steps and if you don’t mind getting  drenched – walk to the platform at the bottom of the falls!

Not as spellbinding as the Niagara Falls I’m sure, but it gave this tourist a thrill!

Photo by Christina Cavaleri

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