The Joy of ”Home Staging”: Quick, Cheap, Easy and Satisfying.

Photo by: ''Evoke°Home Blog'' website

Photo by: ''Evoke°Home Blog'' website

Definition – Home Staging:

  1. the process of arranging a home, condo, or residence for sale
  2. a tactic used in real estate marketing to enhance price and salability of a property
  3. temporary furnishings and accessories placed to improve the salability of a home
  4. the skill and/or artistic talent required to effectively position furniture and accessories in a home to enhance its position in the marketplace” 

    (Definition by:

Home staging is mostly use in the real estate industry, realtors use this concept to attract buyers and sell the house faster. They are a lot of people who use the tips in their home, without the intention of selling it, but only because it is such a great way to give a totally new look to a room within a short among of time and money. It is really trendy to simply apply some ”home staging” changes in one or many rooms, without ruining yourself.

They is a lot of possibilities such as online websites which offer accessories, lamps, cushion, and more, that will make the changes people sometimes need to sell their home.

I know a website called Versa; Inspiration Déco, on which people can buy interior decorations. It is ideal if someone as a busy live, and a schedule that does fit with stores’ open hours. The Boutique-Web is separated by categories of products. The costumer chooses between twelve categories, in this case, then each product is presented with a picture and the price.

Finally, if the costumer likes something he simply put it in his ”Shopping Basket”, when his shopping is done he checks out and pays. It is exactly like shopping in a store, but it accommodates costumers.

That website for online shopping is an example among many others. Since everyone enjoy the makeover of one a several rooms in the house, the industry of ”home staging” and interior design has expended in the last years. It is an easy way to actualize a room, simply by repainting, adding or changing some of the accessories and decluttering.

It is fast, simple and cheap for the impact it gives.

Good luck with yours !

Photo Credit:  ''Evoke°Home Blog'' website

Photo Credit: ''Evoke°Home Blog'' website


By Janie Boucher

Categories: Montreal Interior Design


Designer d'intérieur. Textures, couleurs, motifs; Décor chaleureux, accueillant et personnalisé.


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