The calm after the storm

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Summertime is usually when families and friends escape town to hit the
beach, go camping, visit other cities and basically travel.

Consequently, what is supposed to happen is a reduction in the average
time spend idling on highways and main arteries around town.

Then, when September hits, everyone expects abysmal delays on city
streets, highways, bridges and tunnels.

This past summer, we saw the exact opposite occur.

With our rapidly crumbling infrastructure, the government took the
summer months to perform construction and catch up on decades of lost

That resulted in several highways being closed overnight and lane
reductions at all hours of the day.

And after a summer of insane traffic chaos, the media took it into its
own hands to warn of what the coming September would be like.

The result, everyone was afraid to head out during the rush hour and
changed their plans, or took public transit.

It has been a relatively quiet back to school period so far.

But will it last? No.

In a meeting with Transport Quebec, the communications team asked if
journalists (myself included) felt the government did enough to warn
of the potential headaches on the roads.

The truthful answer isn’t clear.

Every year, the worst case scenario is always expected.  Back to
school is made out to be the apocalypse of traffic nightmares. Yet we
always seem to make it though with relative ease.

What certainly helped is the lane configurations of the Mercier and
Champlain spans. Despite the fact that its health isn’t prime, they
can still handle the volume.

At the meeting, French-language traffic reporting veterans admitted
that television is the root cause of the recurring panic every year.

Then again, there are only two seasons in Montreal: winter and construction.

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