Not Such A BuonaNotte

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Okay, so it’s my friend’s birthday and for two weeks she has planned to go to Buonanotte to celebrate. The reservations were made way in advance so there should be no need to worry right? Wrong. Buonanotte may have been the most disorganized establishment I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to McDonald’s at 3:30 in the morning! Let me explain my night before you start thinking that I’m being a brat. It took an hour to receive my first drink. At 11 (2 hours after we arrive) and the waitress is just beginning to take food orders (orders that must be over $25, no matter what). The waitress comes over and informs me that the entire group will be on one bill and there’s nothing she can do about it because people have already ordered drinks and she didn’t keep track of who had what, you know because apparently that’s my job as the paying costumer. I make my peace with this and order another drink. The drink arrives at 11:45, but the food is nowhere in sight. Finally at midnight, we begin to eat.  The food was mediocre at best, trust me, I tried everyone’s. The chicken was the size of my palm, the gnocchi was cold, the bruschetta was made with what I can only assume was canned mushrooms (since when are mushrooms an ingredient for bruschetta), and the caprese salad consisted of grape tomatoes and a big blob of cheese with one basil leaf on top. As I begin eating, the manager comes over and informs the entire table that we must hurry because the table has been reserved for someone else. This is when I realize that this night is not going to get any better. So we scarf down our meals, attempt to get everyone to pay for what they consumed (a daunting task that took longer than we did eating), and stood in the middle of the room with nowhere to go. Remember, we had reserved for the entire night and had guaranteed at least 3 bottles would be purchased after the meal. The manager does nothing to rectify the situation so I take it upon myself to see the hostess. She was very polite and organized us the best table she could find. A table for 4. Once we got there, the manager gave the table away to a group of 4 guys and found me a table in the corner. It’s now 1 and no one has seen us to take our bottle order. I am forced to go back to this poor hostess who gets us a waitress after I give her a credit card and I.D. The bottles arrive and everyone is having a blast. The music is great, the atmosphere is fun, the night is starting to look up. At 2:15, my friend realizes that he hasn’t gotten his cards back even though he’s paid for the bottles. Once again, I am forced to go see the hostess who cannot figure out where the cards have gone. After half an hour of confusion, the cards are found, but the night is over.

At the end of the day, I can sum up my experience to this: if disorganization is the goal, Buonanotte gets an A+.  The food was a disaster and the service was no better. If it hadn’t been for the most helpful hostess I have ever met, I would advise everyone to avoid this place at all costs. I have to admit though, the music and atmosphere (although a little packed) were great. Incase you think I’m completely biased, I’ve included other reviews that may or may not change your mind.

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