The Ides of March: Stellar performances are what make this film

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It’s a known fact that election campaigns and mud slinging go hand in hand. Opposing Parties will do and say whatever they can to get votes.  So it was not surprising that The Ides of March did not offer anything new in this realm.  In spite of all this, where this movie does stand apart is in the brilliant performances by a most impressive cast.

Rotten Tomatoes describes The March of Tides beautifully saying, “While not exactly exposing revelatory truths, The Ides of March is supremely well-acted drama that moves at a calm, confident clip.”

The story revolves around an extremely confident, yet somewhat naive press secretary, played by Ryan Gosling during his first Democratic presidential primary. His “green” state quickly turns to red when he finds himself in a scandalous position that could end his career in politics.

Doing double duty is George Clooney, who directs this film and and naturally plays Governor and Democratic presidential hopeful, Mike Morris. A politician who is not shy or swayed by his left wing ideals.  Philip Seymour Hoffman convincingly plays his campaign manager, while Paul Giamatti plays the sneaky rival campaign manager on the opposing Democratic team.

There is no question that the Ides of March will entertain, but in now way will it excite.  No one put it better than the famous movie reviewer Leonard Maltin when he said, “It’s a shame to see so much talent expended on a film that, while slickly made, is so routine and unmemorable.”

Ides of March is Worth Seeing On Video.

Worth Seeing, or Not rating: 7/10

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